SETpoint focuses on providing empowerment and self-defense training to several targeted populations:

  • Individuals at increased risk of gender-based violence, including women and members of the LGBTQ community;
  • Individuals at increased risk of assaults linked to substance abuse, both as cause and as an effect, with a primary focus on women;

  • Disadvantaged children and youth populations at increased risk of bullying and assault.

Workshops & Training

Single-session workshops

Single, 2-3 hour workshop sessions provide basic training in cultural context, situational awareness, attitude and voice as de-escalation tools, strikes and kicks, and resources and self-care. This can include an option of fighting through a simulated attack.

Four-Part Series

Our four-part workshop is a series covering the cultural context of gender-based violence and how individuals can work to break down traditional gender roles and power relationships; boundary-setting and healthy relationships; situational awareness; attitude and voice as de-escalation and bystander / “upstander” tools; physical defense skills including strikes, kicks, and releases from grabs and holds; and advocacy resources and self-care. Through four 90-minute sessions, the series offers significant practice opportunities across all of these areas, including simulations and role playing in addition to physical fighting skills. The series can include an option of fighting through a simulated attack.

One credit, semester-long workshops

Offered in a one-credit, semester-long format, this series provides an in-depth overview of the topics covered in the four-part series, plus more advanced physical techniques including releases from grabs/holds, along with significant practice opportunities.

The best part of today was learning how much natural strength I have. The kicks were awesome!