SETpoint offers empowerment-based self-defense training that combines the physical resistance skills of traditional self-defense with empowerment training that helps participants:

  • Believe in Their Own Strength
  • Find Their Voice
  • Analyze and React to Their Surroundings
  • Set Personal Boundaries
  • Expect Mutual Respect
  • Have the Confidence to Protect Themselves
  • Be Prepared to Stand Up for Others
  • Understand their Legal Rights
  • Connect to Survivor Advocacy and Self-Care Resources
  • Be Ready to Defend what they Value

Through simulations and drills, we coach our participants to find their voices, inner strength, and physical confidence.  Our services include multiple tiers of training focused on supporting communities at the greatest risk of sexual violence and physical assault.  Through our work and the work of many complementary efforts, we envision a time in which our most-vulnerable community members will no longer be victims of sexual violence and physical assault.